On Taking Criticism from Other Believers

Observation – people resist change until change becomes irresistible.

Point A. – our job as Christians is to build one another in Christ so that we help one another.
Point B. – some Christians hold wrong beliefs. These are not always heretical, but can be demonstrably wrong and likely absorbed through the world instead of scripture.

Conclusion – it is quite often necessary to tear down one’s ideas (not the person himself, though it is very often taken this way) so that one can continue to grow.

Example A – Imagine the pear tree – It grows quickly and in a few years it bears fruit. If we do not trim the tree back at the top it will grow long and slender. It will produce fruit, but not near as much as it would if we simply snip the top once it reaches a desired height. The tree then grows outward, increasing its yield ten fold.

Example B – Imagine you are remodeling your home. You need more space or you need to make better use of what space you do have. Sheet rock has to be torn down. Flooring must be ripped up. Studs must be broken out. All these things must take place before newer and better walls, flooring, and sheetrock can be installed.

As we grow in Christ it is often necessary to get our ideas and stances torn down in order that new building and growing can occur. It hurts – we have to readjust our lenses. The initial outlook is bleak as we only see the destruction and confusion, but the end result is worth it if done correctly. When a fellow Christian calls out a belief he thinks is in error consider his heart and his maturity in the word. It might just be that God is using him to help you grow to be more like Christ even if you consider yourself to be mature.


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